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Hi...I'm Naomi and I'm from Brooklyn. Just an intro.

1. What's your favorite "work out" activity and why?

My number one priority is really weight training, so...I've been really into the fly machine and other pectoral exercises lately just because they're the most challenging for me. I dig rowing, too.

Cardio-wise: I really love capoeira but I don't have time to play in the regular class that I used to be in so I'm taking a break (I'm listing it under cardio but it's also really fabulous for building muscle everywhere--abs, quads, shoulders, etc). I commute everywhere on my bike, and I loooooove that. I'm a cycling fanatic. Because of all the cycling I do, though, I don't really do much work on my legs in the gym.

2. What's your favorite good-for-you snack food?

Dried fruit! Energy, vitamins, what more could you ask for?

3. Who or what is your biggest inspiration for getting in shape?
I really have no idea. I guess the best way I can describe it is this: you know how the day after a really killer workout you're so sore that you can barely raise your arms? I love that feeling.

4. What are your goals fitness-wise? What's your biggest goal-related accomplishment so far?

Bigger shoulders, biceps and forearms, more toned back and abs. I'd like to be able to bench-press my little brother, who weighs in just under 100 pounds (unfortunately for me, he's in a growth spurt so I have to work fast before he gets any bigger!). Accomplishments-wise, it's hard to define--I've lost over 10 pounds since the end of July, and I also gained some serious muscle during that period (I'm 5'4" and I went from 140 lbs to about 127 lbs), so that's definitely exciting for me.
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