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girlsout's Journal
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Date:2004-11-15 22:14

Hi...I'm Naomi and I'm from Brooklyn. Just an intro.

1. What's your favorite "work out" activity and why?

My number one priority is really weight training, so...I've been really into the fly machine and other pectoral exercises lately just because they're the most challenging for me. I dig rowing, too.

Cardio-wise: I really love capoeira but I don't have time to play in the regular class that I used to be in so I'm taking a break (I'm listing it under cardio but it's also really fabulous for building muscle everywhere--abs, quads, shoulders, etc). I commute everywhere on my bike, and I loooooove that. I'm a cycling fanatic. Because of all the cycling I do, though, I don't really do much work on my legs in the gym.

2. What's your favorite good-for-you snack food?

Dried fruit! Energy, vitamins, what more could you ask for?

3. Who or what is your biggest inspiration for getting in shape?
I really have no idea. I guess the best way I can describe it is this: you know how the day after a really killer workout you're so sore that you can barely raise your arms? I love that feeling.

4. What are your goals fitness-wise? What's your biggest goal-related accomplishment so far?

Bigger shoulders, biceps and forearms, more toned back and abs. I'd like to be able to bench-press my little brother, who weighs in just under 100 pounds (unfortunately for me, he's in a growth spurt so I have to work fast before he gets any bigger!). Accomplishments-wise, it's hard to define--I've lost over 10 pounds since the end of July, and I also gained some serious muscle during that period (I'm 5'4" and I went from 140 lbs to about 127 lbs), so that's definitely exciting for me.

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Date:2004-10-11 11:08
Subject:bench press

I'm just wondering what a good bench press would be, in terms of percent of my body weight. I'm doing 3 sets of 8 reps each, and I'd like a suggestion for a goal to reach for.


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Date:2004-08-25 16:13

Hello ladies!

I've been considering taking some sort of martial arts class instead of renewing my gym membership when it expires (in January). Does anyone here participate in martial arts? I want something that would replace my gym sessions, so I'm looking for something really butt-kicking. The only problem is that I'm starting graduate school this fall, and I'm not sure if I'll have time for regular classes. Thanks! :)

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Date:2004-05-31 20:03

Hey ladies :)

My 14 year old sister is dead set on doing the Atkins Diet. She's young and between 180-190lbs.

Would it be safe for her to go ahead and do it? I know my mom will cook her anything, so thats not an issue, Im just wondering if it is safe for a 14 year old.


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Date:2004-05-19 11:46
Subject:Working In??

Have any of you ever been approached to "work-in" with someone? A guy approached me while I was working on the weight machines and asked if I'd mind if he worked-in with me. Confused the hell out of me. I thought he wanted to use the machine I was on and didn't want to wait, but that didn't seem to be it. He didn't work on the machines at all after that from what I could see, although I was only there for about 10 minutes after that. I had told him that I usually just do three reps, in pretty quick succession cuz I don't have a lot of stamina.

Then I was wondering if it's a way that people get to know each other at the gym or something? It probably would have been fun, I guess. He was really cute, but much younger than me. I think I may have made a work-out, work-in faux paux.

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Date:2004-03-21 23:43

Sorry ladies for the lack of posts. I've been so swamped with work lately that I have only been able to go to the gym 3-4 times a week now, and rarely get in an hour. :\

If it weren't for my regular cardio routine, I think I would of went postal lately.

Do you ladies have any recommendations for good exercises/routines to help get rid of that burden of stress?

Hope you're all doing good! <333

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Date:2004-03-18 19:58

Hey Ladies,

Ever do one of those workout videos and find out you're completely uncoordinated? Haha. That's how I feel. I stood there for about a good 10 minutes staring at my TV because I couldn't get the steps the lady was doing. Oh well, at least I got a work out in, right?

It was my first time doing this tape. My sister's stepper finally came in so I got her old one.

I feel so good after I do a workout which motivates me to do it the next day. This tape wasn't that hard either. It got you moving and definitely makes you sweat so you know it's working.. I reccomend it for any of you lovely gals. :)

Take care!
Mary Beth

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Date:2004-03-13 17:37


I need motivation. I'm not feeling very.. well, happy with myself I guess? I'm horrible at this weight-loss thing. I'm very much into it for about 2 weeks then I lose my motivation and I slack off... badly. For the past week it's been absolutely horrible. I've been binging like no other. I blame it on my period(it'll be coming within the next few days), when I should blame it on myself for my lack of self control.

What do you ladies do to stop yourself from temptations? We don't have fruit in the house. My family lives off of Carbs, and soda. Healthy, right? Granted, I love carbs. Don't get me wrong. But they're my worst enemy.

ALSO. I'm pretty frustrated with myself. I haven't been to the gym in about a month. I feel badly because my mother payed $100 dollars for a 4 month sign up. BUT THE HOURS ARE ABSOLUTE SHIT! Which is why I can't get there. I babysit Mon&Wed during the hours they are open, and Tues&Thurs I have play practice until 5 then my family eats dinner. I don't drive so that makes it even worse. My sister was supposed to give me her stepper by now so I can do this workout video called "The Firm", but her stepper hasn't come in so I'm left with a hectic schedule and no set work out routine.

Enough complaining. I suppose it is my fault. Stupid being fat.

Thanks guys, any advice would help a lot. <3
Mary Bee

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Date:2004-02-16 10:17

Update: I went to the gym on Saturday but didn't really get much of a workout in. Did power yoga and 20 minutes on the treadmill and had to run. Bummer.

Sunday was spent sitting in a chair getting my forearm tattooed, so no gym.

Question: My forearm hurts like a whore today (5 and a half hours of work baby) and I was thinking since a few of you are tattooed so you go to the gym the day after? I never have yet. And I was wondering if it could do a number on my new ink. Thanks ladies :)

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Date:2004-02-12 10:12
Mood: chipper

Just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I'm Lauren. 26. 150/148/120. 5'2". Body is still recovering from a miscarriage in December, but I'm back into a routine. Having a hard time with the weight coming off that I put on while I was pregnant.

Currently: Cardio 3 days a week for 30-45 minutes. Weight training 3 days a week. H.I.I.T.'s 3 days a week. I'm lowering my carbs Monday. They are out of control.

Glad to be here!

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Date:2004-02-09 11:21

This is a positive all girl, closed community for more info check out the user info page :)

All posts are friends only to keep luckers away!

If you wish to join this tight knit community, drop xsaltyx or jozietrue a comment.


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