Godiva (ex_soothemys349) wrote in girlsout,

Working In??

Have any of you ever been approached to "work-in" with someone? A guy approached me while I was working on the weight machines and asked if I'd mind if he worked-in with me. Confused the hell out of me. I thought he wanted to use the machine I was on and didn't want to wait, but that didn't seem to be it. He didn't work on the machines at all after that from what I could see, although I was only there for about 10 minutes after that. I had told him that I usually just do three reps, in pretty quick succession cuz I don't have a lot of stamina.

Then I was wondering if it's a way that people get to know each other at the gym or something? It probably would have been fun, I guess. He was really cute, but much younger than me. I think I may have made a work-out, work-in faux paux.
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i truly don't know what work-in means. but then, i go to the gym with my boyfriend, so that may be why.
The deal is that usually when you lift weights, you wait at least a minute and stretch and stuff in between reps. That can take a long time if someone is waiting for you to be totally done and so someone can "work in" on the machine and do their lifting while you are stretching or whatever. You should always stretch between reps and take at least a minute break because it gets more oxygen to your muscles and helps you lift more! :)

Haha, he wasn't being creepy or anything, it's common, especially if the gym is full and he needed to use that machine next. :)
Grr... I meant, wait a minute in between sets, not reps!!! Hehehe.

Also, I've been lifting freeweights a lot more lately and a notice that those dudes stand around a LOT because they're lifting so much weight, so they take longer breaks or whatever.
But most of the machines weren't being used, and he hadn't been using any. My average time per machine is maybe 4 minutes. I do 1 set of 3 reps of 12 counts, that's it. But it's good to at least hear that it's not an unheard of thing to do.
Hmm... I'm guessing he just thought you were going to take longer. A lot of people do their work outs in order so that they work their opposing muscles right after eachother, so that's probably why he was so intent on your machine. Hehe. Or he was just a doofus. :)