Godiva (ex_soothemys349) wrote in girlsout,

Working In??

Have any of you ever been approached to "work-in" with someone? A guy approached me while I was working on the weight machines and asked if I'd mind if he worked-in with me. Confused the hell out of me. I thought he wanted to use the machine I was on and didn't want to wait, but that didn't seem to be it. He didn't work on the machines at all after that from what I could see, although I was only there for about 10 minutes after that. I had told him that I usually just do three reps, in pretty quick succession cuz I don't have a lot of stamina.

Then I was wondering if it's a way that people get to know each other at the gym or something? It probably would have been fun, I guess. He was really cute, but much younger than me. I think I may have made a work-out, work-in faux paux.
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